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Infogenius Skills Training Centre is an established human resource skills training and development center, with over 15 years of experience in this sector. As an approved training provider, we are registered with the Human Resource Development Corporation (PSMB Reg. No. 0641) and accredited by the Department of Skills Development, Malaysia (JPK L00553) under the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia. We have been awarded a 5-Star rating from the Department of Skills Development Malaysia, while also being among the pioneering training providers to achieve the status of ISO 9001:2008 ( which has now been updated to ISO 9001 : 2012 ), which cemented our place as one of the leading skills training and development centres in Penang.


In line with the aspirations of our nation’s leaders to create skilled workers to further propel the growth of our economy and enhance the competitive edge of companies and organizations, we endeavor to provide courses and programs that are tailor-made to hone business management, ICT, and technical skills. We acknowledge the enormous potential of human capital, thus we are compelled to help individuals and organizations become more dynamic, competent, efficient, and effective in achieving their goals.


To be a world-class skills training and development centre nurturing and producing competent skilled workers


1) To develop a confident, competent and innovative workforce equipped with the necessary skills to face any possible future changes in industry

2) To produce skilled workers capable of fulfilling local industrial needs

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